Frequently asked Questions - Ear

  • 1. Should we use ear buds to clean our ears?
    A. No. Ears are designed to be self cleaning. Any trauma that you inflict with buds or similar agents hampers that and may cause serious damage to the ears.

    2. My 5 year old child is having severe ear pain since yesterday night. What should I do?
    A. Ear pain in children can be due to many causes. One of the most common cause is wax. Another important cause is Acute otitis media. It is caused most commonly secondary to upper respiratory tract infections and adenoid hypertrophy. Adenoids are lymphoid tissue behind the nose, commonly enlarged in children which can block the eustachian tube leading to acute otitis media. Best option would be to consult a ENT specialist immediately. Neglect in such cases may lead to perforation of the ear drum.

    3. I have foul smelling ear discharge coming from my ear for past 5 years. what could be the problem?
    A. On and off foul smelling discharge from the ear is usually due to perforation in tympaninc membrane and involvement of mastoid (bone behind the ear). It is clinically known as CSOM. This may need surgical intervention which may best be decided about after consultation with an ENT specialist

    4. My child is 2 years old and is not speaking still. what should i do?
    A. A 2 year old child should usually be able to form two to three words sentences. But this varies from child to child and some children, especially boys tend to speak later than others. In case of any doubt, a complete hearing assessment by an Otorhinolaryngologist is imperative. Also, a complete behavioural assessment is necessary in order to rule out any low IQ condition.

    5. My 65 year old mother is sufferring from hearing loss for past few ears. What can be done about it?
    A. Hearing loss in elderly is one of the most common ailments. It can be due to many causes. one of the most common cause is Presbycusis. This would need an assessment of her hearing by a ENT specialist and then only a detailed plan of management can be envisaged.

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