Frequently asked Questions - Vertigo

  • 1. My family physician says, i am sufferring from vertigo. What does tha mean?
    A. Vertigo in itself is not a diagnosis. It is just a manifestation of some underlying pathology. It can occur due to multiple causes (for e.g. fever has many causes).
    In medical parlance "Vertigo is a sense of motion in the absence of any real motion.
    It can occur due to diseass of brain, brain stem and ear. Certain diseases affecting the spinal cord, muscles, cardiovascular system may mimic vertigo and patients tend to confuse these symptoms. That's why a detailed assessment by a qualified person is necessary to identify the coorect cause and thereafter refer the patient to the correct specialist for further management.

    2. I have been diagnosed to have BPPV. What medications should i take?
    A. BPPV stands for "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo". In this condition, patient tends to have episodic vertigo lasting from a few seconds to minutes whenever he cahnges his position. It occurs due to dislodgement of otoliths in the semicircular canals. Tretament of this condition doesn't require medications as such. Medicines are prescribed only if patient is having very severe symptoms. Standard line of management is perfroming a "canalolith repositioning maneuvre" (for e.g. Epley's maneuvre) which can be best performed by a trained ENT specialist

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