Frequently asked Questions - Trauma

  • 1. A ball hit my nose while playing cricket. There was some bleeding after that and now my nose is all swollen. What should i do?
    A. Consult an ENT specialist immediately. You may have a fracture on the nasal bones. Nasal bones are immobile strutures, but they provide the framework over which our nose is built. If the framework is grossly distorted, it will lead to nasal obstruction. Further it may associated with trauma to surrounding structures like the orbit. This will require a detailed asseement to plan a proper line of management, which may range from observation to closed reduction to open surgery depending on the severity of damage.

    2. One of my relatives had an accident and has broken his jaw bone. What can be done about it?
    A. Jaw bone (or Mandible), although a very strong bone is fairly well exposed and gets fractured frequently in high impact trauma. This compromises the routine activities like chewing, talking etc severely and therefore needs a meticulous repair. Plan of management varies depending on degree and location of fracture and may require fixation of jaw by closing the mouth with stainless steel wires or plating of the jaw bone or both. Very commonly such high impact trauma may be associated with multiple other fractures. The line of management can be best decided in consultation with an proper team consisting of octors from various specialities to correctly assess the degree of damage.

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