Frequently asked Questions - Throat

  • 1. My 6 year old child is having recurrent throat pain for the past 1 year. kindly advise.
    A. Recurrent throat pain in children can be due to inflammation of the Tonsils. Best option would be to cosult a ENT specialist to properly evaluate the child. Occasional episodes may be managed conservatively with medications. More than four episodes a year may require surgical removal of the tonsils.

    2. People around me have been complaining of foul smell from my mouth. What could be the problem?
    A. Foul smell from mouth can be due to different conditions like poor oral hygiene, dental infections, tonsillitis etc. A detailed examination is required to identify the cause and initiate proper treatment. This can be best done after consultation with an ENT specialist

    . 3. I have been suggested to undergo tonsillectomy for chronic tonsillitis. Is it advisable? what are the risks?
    A. Tonsillectomy can be performed safely by an ENT specialist. Tonsillectomy is usually accompanied with a week of post operative pain which can mostly be managed effectively with oral analgesics. Rarely, some bleeding may occur but that can be managed by the concerned surgeon. No significant voice change or swallowing difficulty happens after this surgery.

    4. My 4 year old child has tongue tie. What can be done about it?
    A. Tongue tie is a fairly common condition. usually it doesn't cause any significant problem. In some cases, it may be svereand thereby compromise correct pronunciation of certain sounds, especially those requiring the contact of tongue to palate. In such cases it can be released surgically. Decison about this should only be taken in consultation with an ENT specialist and then only a detailed plan of management can be envisaged.

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